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Known Issues

Please see our list of known issues and fixes.

We're Here to Help

CoolPreviews for Firefox has been optimized for Firefox version 9.0+. If you are using an earlier version of Firefox, we recommend you visit the Mozilla website to upgrade your browser. Make sure to take a peek at our tutorial also.

Tutorial for CoolPreviews for Firefox

To see our video tutorial and demo for CoolPreviews for Firefox, please click here.

How to Install, Uninstall, Upgrade, or Revert

All installation-related matters are accomplished via the Firefox browser and not the PC add/remove programs wizard.


    1. Visit our main product page with your Firefox browser.
    2. Click the download button.
    3. Click "install" when Firefox prompts you.
    4. Exit your Firefox browser completely.
    5. CoolPreviews will be ready the next time you open Firefox.


    1. Go to your Firefox browser menu bar.
    2. Click on Tools > Add-Ons > Extensions, and then select CoolPreviews"
    3. Click "uninstall".
    4. Exit your Firefox browser completely.
    5. CoolPreviews will no longer be installed when you reopen your Firefox browser
    6. NOTE: If you are using a Mozilla-based browser other than Firefox, your browser may not have installation and uninstallation procedures under Tools > Add-ons. In such case, please kindly refer to the Mozilla website for instructions.

    Upgrade from a Previous Version

    1. Simply click the download button as if you were installing CoolPreviews for the first time
    2. Follow the prompted instructions

    Revert to Previous Version

    1. First uninstall your current version
    2. Then visit our Mozilla add-on site and select the version you seek.

How to Change User Preferences

Preferences are activated through the options button on your CoolPreviews preview window bar. Alternatively, preferences can be set via the browser tool bar by clicking on Tools > Add-ons > Cooliris > Options. Click to see detailed instructions and desciption of all settings and options.

How to Share Links Instantly

To share links instantly via Cooliris using your account email, you'll first need to set up your account with your email address and password. You'll be promoted to sign up the first time you click on the share icon (the "envelope") from your preview window. Once set up, you can send links by simply clicking the share icon from the preview window or right-click and select "Send link using Cooliris"

Report Bugs / Get More Help

To report a bug, get more help, or provide any other feedback, please contact us.


CoolPreviews 4.6

(320 KB) Firefox 9.0 or higher required. Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.