Support & Feedback

Known Issues (as of 2015/01/30)

We're currently working on providing a longer-term solution to these issues.
  • A webpage from keeps popping up a browser tab each time I boot up Firefox. Yuck, indeed! This happens to a very small number of systems whereby there is corruption in the CoolPreviews version number that gets stored on Firefox when a new version of Firefox or CoolPreviews is installed. This causes our "upgrade" webpage to show up, as it thinks each subsequent launch is an upgrade. To fix the above issue, very carefully do the following:
    1. Type "about:config" (without the quotes) in your browsers address bar
    2. When prompted, click the "I promise to be careful" button
    3. In the search box that appears, type "preview.isnew"
    4. Edit the value in that box so that it is "999"
    5. Close the tab
    6. Restart the browser

    The above manually sets the version number to latest build, and should thus fix the issue.

  • The send feature in CoolPreviews is missing.To user feedback and low usage, we dediced to remove remove this feature.
  • CoolPreviews for Firefox seemed to stop working or no icon appears.
    Some users report that it seems that CoolPreviews all of a sudden stop working, although some remnant activity appears to remain (link still changes yellow upon hover, right-click search still exists, etc.). Diagnosis: What's happening is that a Firefox or addon update possibly caused the preview window to disappear off the screen. Solution:
    1. Go to Firefox Tools > Add-ons > Extensions > CoolPreviews.
    2. Click options to open the CoolPreviews user preference settings.
    3. Click "Restore default settings" found at the bottom right of the menu.
    4. Reboot Firefox.
  • Conflict with Firefox add-on called NoScript.
    CoolPreviews may not work if the NoScript add-on is also enabled on your Firefox browser. The current solution is to disable or uninstall NoScript via Firefox Tools > Add-ons > Extensions.